Urban Fringe

di Katherine Yixuan Dong

Urban Fringe

Sabato 24 ottobre 2020

Zone: 2 - Stazione Centrale, Gorla, Turro, Greco, Crescenzago

BANSHAN ART STUDIO is located in the fringe area of the northeast from the center of Milan. URBAN FRINGE can be regarded as a critical boundary, not only the intersection of the city center and the outside geographically, but also the intersection of the system. As a group of young and radical Chinese artists, they grew up in Asia, which is geographically far away from Europe, and came to the city of Milan with Oriental culture. The artistic creation that takes place here is not only a simple cultural exchange, but also a systemic integration. Chinese contemporary art was fermented in Italy and a new spirit was catalyzed in which is a kind of hybridization, a kind of mechanical collision in the context of globalization. Compared with Europe, contemporary art seems to have a more complicated definition in China. With social and political changes, art blurred the modern part and unconsciously come to the contemporary market. Most artists of BANSHAN ART STUDIO grew up in China's rapid development for nearly 20 years, they are components of the social torrent. Passing the turbulent and poor years, Chinese society has been experienced high technology, consumption worship, excessive desire, etc. New generations live in these rapids, enjoying the benefit and convenience of development while passively feeling about these phenomena whatever they are positive or negative. Hence artists used their own way to visualize their feelings. Through video installations, sculptures, and paintings, we can feel the status quo of society, moreover, this resonance is not limited to Chinese society. "2048" (2019) was filmed on the Milan subway. A woman was playing "2048" (mobile game). The flexible hand movements correspond to the mechanical block movement. everything is extremely fast, extremely mechanical repetition. On the other side of the wall is an integration of printed body parts "Untitled 87" that was assembled by different strangers from social platforms and collected by the artist himself. Compared with modern technology, Wang Hao's Garden Series, on the abandoned boards are the sceneries of hometown, the memory seems to return to nature and frugal customs.

You must have a comprehensive understanding of the system if you want to enter a system. Although China's identity cannot be ignored, it is more important to develop diversity and tolerance in the form of art in Italy. This is part of the trend of globalization, but artists do not compromise with globalization or toward the market. Cultural identity is still within the scope of discussion, what the young artists bring is more of synchronicity of the world, how to examine the cosmopolitanism while preserving nationality.